Andrea (Dre) grew up in Hong Kong, moved to Montreal, and embraced her affinity with food in her career and travels along the way. Her illustrations and design work reflect her journey as a historian, chef, and now creative designer. Her paintings, with their cultural backstories, have a tendency of making people hungry and inducing wanderlust. 
After her tenure as Creative Director at international restaurant chain Thai Express, she now devises visual solutions as a freelance Creative Designer. She combines illustration and graphic design to create unique visual content for branding, promotional, and community services. Dre’s work is currently spicing up culinary hubs, musicians, and publications alike in North America and Europe. 
Reality encompasses all possibilities and circumstances; it is always a choice to see wonder, so might as well honour being alive by living well and enjoying all the little things in life.
Showcased artist, Restaurant Machiavelli (2015-2020)
Live painter, BahayxBliss Fundraiser (2019)
Showcased artist, Freedom-Hi! Concordia Art Exhibit (2019)
Showcased artist, What the Pop! Montreal Art Exhibit (2019)
Live painter, SNAG Montreal (2019)
Collective exhibit, Art Gallery at Diving Bell Social Club (2019)
Collective exhibit, Art Gallery at Kemestre (2018)
Collective exhibit, Art Gallery at Le 3455 St Laurent (2018)
Organizer, Artists in Booze at Mezcal Collective (2017)
Live painting auction, Artists in Bloom (2016, 2017)
Compound Butter (January 2021 issue)
Remember The Rain (children's book, 2020)
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