La Crocca de Esta Noche is a pizza truck (in development) based in Slovakia, founded by a couple whose passion for food and intimacy with the natural sources of the land immediately won my devotion to their project. La Crocca is their secondary venture after their restaurant Esta Noche, which served plates of quality, care, and beauty, in addition to hosting community events and festivals in their warm and inviting space. 
This logo, just like the truck, is an extension of their last restaurant project. The legacy of hospitality and familiarity is well-preserved in the rustic hand-lettering, which is supplemented by the symbolic illustrations. The hills are a nod to the beautiful rolling hills in southern Slovakia where La Crocca is based. The hay stacks, combined with the hill shapes, allude to pizza- which is their main specialty. Additionally, they wished to celebrate their flour supplier located in central Italy, who perfected the flour blend "La Croccantina" for masters such as La Crocca to create the crunchiest and most flavourful pizzas. 
More custom designs for the truck wrap, packaging, and merchandise coming up!
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