Andrea (Dre) grew up in Hong Kong, moved to Montreal, and embraced her affinity with food in her career and travels along the way. She studied illustration and design at Dawson College after obtaining her BA in history from McGill University, all the while soaking up inspiration as a chef and backpacking whenever she had the chance. She then led creative strategy and design for 2 years at Thai Express
Featured in galleries, products, publications, and murals, her visual work has a tendency of making people hungry and inducing wanderlust.
Layout and graphic design
Hand lettering
Creative concept / direction
Strategy and production
Project and team management
Food writing
Showcased artist, Restaurant Machiavelli (2015-2020)
Live painter, BahayxBliss Fundraiser (2019)
Showcased artist, Freedom-Hi! Concordia Art Exhibit (2019)
Showcased artist, What the Pop! Montreal Art Exhibit (2019)
Live painter, SNAG Montreal (2019)
Collective exhibit, Art Gallery at Diving Bell Social Club (2019)
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